Windows 8 features and price

Windows 8 is a Microsoft operating system that is designed for home users as well as for business purpose. Its development started even before its predecessor’s release Windows 7 in 2009.

Windows 8 is a system that is particularly orientated to touchscreen hardware. There are some important changes and additives that make it look and differently than the users are used to. For example, the Start menu is completely substituted by a Start screen that can be taken away from the desktop easily by touch screen pen and also by just a normal mouse or keyboard key combination. It contains all the important applications also the ones that are active at the moment. All the icons in the old version of the operating system are changed into tiles that can be juggled with. It can stay constantly on the screen or can be hidden.

And now the most important that users expect to hear – when will it be available for the public and for what price? The official release date is the 26th of October, 2012. It was preceded by three pre-release editions while still being developed and tested for the period of the 13th of September 2011 until 31st of May 2012. There will be four editions issued on the market – two general editions just for conventional use, one Pro release of Windows most ardent devotees and Enterprise edition which is for business purposes.
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The product has a lot of good features that make it a good deal for the money. There is a Charms bar that is placed vertically and there are all the functions for accessing files, programs and applications – device management, searching option, sharing option, settings and start button.

A unique possibility of Windows 8 is the multi monitor support. The taskbar can be seen on different displays as well as each one of them can use its own taskbar. Different wallpapers can be transferred among monitors and at the same time each one can have its own constant desktop view. There is a very convenient option integrated in the OS – the Upgrade Assistant. It can easily and quickly upgrade previous versions of Windows and the installation process is user friendly and simple. Also it checks automatically for compatibility issues, transfers files and settings.

If users buy online the Pro version and upgrade, the price is 39.99 USD (retail price is 69.99 USD). This option is available until 31st of January 2013. Another good bargain is if a new computer is purchased with Windows 7, Home, Basic, Premium, Professional or Preloaded versions it will cost the client 14.99 USD to purchase the Pro version of the new product. In this case Windows Media Center will come for free in the package.

It is always important to protect one’s investment. Windows 8 has a built in antivirus program which doesn’t require separate installation. It is updated automatically from the internet and protects the whole system from virus breach. The new operating system has the option of reinstallation without using a CD. This can be a cost savings. This happens when it has to be refreshed or when it’s proper functions are deteriorated. One of the most important and vital solutions that it provides is the virtual hard disc format. It supplies 16TB storage and is very efficient and system protecting if there are unexpected power cuts.